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All Types of Tree Services Offered

From tree surgery to garden fencing through to tree preservation work and the erection of security fencing in the commercial sector Cutting Edge Tree Surgery and Fencing have vast experience and a reputation second to none.


is the removal of the lower branches and/or preperation of lower branches for removal in the future. Good practice dictates crown lifting shouldn’t include the removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk because this can lead to large wounds which can become extensively decayed which could lead to long term problems or more short term biomechanical instability.


This is used to reduce the spread and elevation of the crown of the tree. It can be implemented for cosmetic reasons or carried out to remove dead wood at the top of an old tree.


This can be performed where a safe space allows.


We can advise you what sort of tree’s to plant and undertake the planting of said trees.


This is the removal of a portion of the branch formation without changing the overall look of the tree. It can help to allow light to move through a tree and in addition reduce the sail area of weak trees. Too heavy limbs can be removed during this phase of surgery and we ensure that the tree isn’t left in an out of balance shape. Dead, dying or deceased branches will also be removed.


This is the controlled removal of a tree where felling is not really a possibility as a result of surrounding obstacles i.e. homes, walls and property. This is where our climbing techniques come into function.


We can both reshape or fully remove your hedges and discard all cuttings.


We can provide fire wood to order, please contact us.

What Our Previous Customers Have To Say About Us

A professional, hard working and friendly team. Great job. No time wasting. No cowboy tactics. The removal of 4 x 50ft Spruce trees, and more, was completed in 2 days, as quoted. All debris removed and the site left tidy. Well done lads, would recommend Cutting Edge Tree Surgery and Fencing to anyone.
Ian Brown